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Maximize your space with a beautiful basement renovation.


Basement Renovations & Improvements

Make the most of your home’s square footage! If you have an unfinished basement, you have so much opportunity to create whatever space may be missing in your home, whether that’s an area for the kids to play or additional space for entertaining. Sometimes even when your basement is finished, the design doesn’t adequately meet your needs, or doesn’t address the typical building challenges seen in a basement: low light and too much moisture.

If you’re considering a basement renovation in Halton Hills, Milton, or the surrounding area then give the team at WKL Homes a call! We’ll create a space that you truly want to spend time in, that helps increase your home value, and that looks good for years to come.  

Custom Basement Renovations 

You should choose your basement design based on the needs you want the space to fulfill, but you might not realize how many possibilities there are! We have experience with the most popular options for basement renovations in Halton Hills, Milton, and surrounding areas: 

  • Legal rental unit: We can help you create a rental space that will bring you passive income and meet all local codes and bylaws.
  • Space for you teen(s): A bedroom and, maybe more importantly, a bathroom, can give your teens their own space.
  • Kid’s play areas: You might need a space to send the kids so they can run around and have the space they need for all their toys.
  • Home offices and hobby spaces: Home offices need to feel professional and productive, and hobby spaces often have special needs, like ventilation.
  • Complete gym: Why spend money on a gym membership when you can transform your basement into a workout haven?
  • Entertainment space or Pub: Create your dream entertainment area where you can relax and unwind.


Basement Reno

Making Basement Improvements

Designing a space that looks the way you want is really only half the challenge when you’re renovating a basement. Many homeowners who attempt their basement renovation on their own are unhappy with the results because they don’t know how to improve the comfort of the space. If you’re starting with bare walls, concrete flooring, little humidity control and small windows, focusing on improving these elements and the overall atmosphere of the basement is a must.

The professionals at WKL Homes know how to turn basements into warm, bright, modern spaces. We focus on sound construction and not just the trendy, flashy elements of a renovation. We have the experience needed to take your blank slate of a basement and transform it into your favourite area of your home.

Why Work with WKL Homes?  

An expertly planned basement renovation will permanently improve your home and your feelings about your home. Here’s six reasons you should entrust your basement and your home to the experienced team at WKL Homes:

  • Quality Build: We focus on long-term quality and value.
  • Customer Focus: Your wants and needs for the space are central to everything we do.
  • Complete Renovation: We handle everything from permits to final installation.
  • Stress-Free Service: We provide an enjoyable, low-stress process for you.
  • Honest Pricing: We price fairly without sacrificing the quality of your home.
  • Professional Foresight: We anticipate problems that may develop and circumvent them.


Your Basement Renovation Contractor  

 Contact us today to discuss your basement renovation in Halton Hills, Milton, or a surrounding area!